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January 23, 20245 min read

“Three things cannot be long hidden:  the sun, the moon, and the truth.” –Buddha

Here we are, in January of 2024, and it truly IS an amazing time to be alive.  Some of you reading this, going through your own personal trials and or looking at the tumultuous happenings in the world, are saying, “are you kidding me?”  There has always been polarity in our world, through the history of time; good versus evil…it is and has been part and parcel of being on this planet Earth. This is a common theme expressed in books and movies and in the daily news; unfortunately, the negative or evil is typically the focus in the latter.  I was never a philosophy major, but I am sure this has been a topic that is often discussed, in both academic and religious sects, and I do not think anyone has the ultimate, correct “answer” as to the reason for this polarity, and I do not claim to know either; but I can share with you my beliefs and experiences on the soul growth that can come from the challenges we face. 

I do believe that our lives are opportunities for soul growth, for ourselves, and for those around us. I feel that most of us are good, although circumstances in our lives may wound us and cause us to become bitter at times or make us feel defeated where we focus on the negative. And when we focus on the negative, it begets more (Law of Attraction). I feel that some on this planet are not inherently good, and of low vibrational frequency, and may never evolve to become good. So, learning discernment and boundaries in our lives is so important. We must stand in our truth, and in our integrity, at all costs, and surround ourselves, if able, with people of high states of consciousness; if you are not yet familiar with the work of Dr. David Hawkins, take a look at a book of his called “Power vs. Force,” and see his “Map of Consciousness.” As we ourselves climb up this map, and are able to become better at intuiting energy, we are also better able to find “our tribe.”

I believe that goodness and truth are closely linked, and when these are expressed in actions towards others, they boomerang back to the source. Again, the Law of Attraction, what you give comes back, sometimes in magnified form. Have you done something good and generous for someone and felt good inside of you? And how did you feel if you knowingly or unknowingly hurt someone? I can tell you that the latter energy does not feel good, for most of us.

The truth is, we are all energetic beings, even though we have physical bodies, and our energies matter. Some of us are more sensitive to energies than others, but many of us can sense another’s energy when they enter a room. Did you know that water in its crystalline form expresses a type of energy in its very structure, and that our own bodies are made of mostly water? Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm, is one of the most important water researchers the world has known. For over 20 years until he passed away in 2014, he studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.  In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr Emoto demonstrates how water exposed to loving, kind, and compassionate human intention results in beautiful physical molecular formations in the water, while water exposed to fearful and discordant human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” physical molecular formations.  Please see some of his work if you get the opportunity—it is fascinating.

I feel that when we stand in our truth and we are aligned with our inner calling of how to be good and of service, God, or the Universe, allows for miracles to happen in our lives. I recall a miracle happening for me this past September of 2023. I had been invited to attend the Society for Integrative Oncology Conference in Banff, Canada early summer of 2023 for the September conference. My passport had expired, but I heard that with an enhanced driver’s license (which I had), I would have no issues traveling there. So I was in no hurry to renew my passport, and only got around to it about 6 weeks before the trip, and knowing I would not need it for that trip, I did not bother expediting it (standard processing would take 12 weeks and expedited would take 8 weeks, but in reality these were taking longer than usual, really 16 weeks for standard and 12 weeks for expedited). I had booked my flights and hotel room and registered for the conference. A day before I needed to leave for the conference, I learned that the enhanced driver’s license ONLY applied to DRIVING to Canada, not to flying there! I started to panic, thinking there was no way I could drive all the way there, and how would I have my passport in order to fly, when I had submitted it for renewal only 6 weeks ago, non-expedited? I remember sitting in my car that day, ready to drive home, and knowing I needed to fly to Banff the next day, early in the morning. I wanted to go to this conference so badly, and knew I was meant to be there. On my way home, I stopped my car in a parking lot, and started taking slow, deep breaths to calm down, and I went deep into prayer, asking God for a miracle, letting him know that I had to be there, and that I knew it was part of my journey. I visualized my mailbox with my passport inside of it. I kept coming back to that image, and felt it as real, and I thanked God for this miracle, before driving home from the parking lot. Then I drove home, took in a deep breath in gratitude, braced myself, and opened up my mailbox…underneath some envelopes was a packet from the US postal service, and in it, was my new passport, processed in just 6 weeks, non-expedited!! I smiled, held the packet to my heart, and screamed out loud, “God is good!!”

It is going to be a miraculous 2024 :)

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