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Integrative Medicine of Central New York specializes in integrative medicine consultations for ages 9 and up, Lyme disease treatment, integrative oncology, integrative prevention and wellness visits, integrative well woman visits, nutraceutical infusions, integrative nutrition health coaching, Neurofeedback, and HeartMath.

At IM of CNY, we spend time investigating root causes of disease after carefully reviewing a patient’s records, and hearing their story. We review patient symptoms, complete physical exams, recommend appropriate bloodwork, and develop individualized treatment plans with each patient. Treatments can include herbals (either orally, IV, or both), in conjunction with pharmaceuticals if needed. We provide a setting for individuals to be active participants in their holistic care and strive to empower patients to tap into their own inner healing. We place a high priority on giving each individual our undivided attention during their visit, and the office environment has been carefully crafted to be a place of nurturing for patients.


We specialize in a variety of treatments that are supplemental to your existing primary healthcare. Specializations include Integrative Oncology, Integrative Lyme Disease Treatment, Integrative Wellness & Prevention, General Integrative Medicine, and Nutraceutical Infusion Consultations.

We also provide Integrative and Holistic Nutrition and more.

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Scheduling an Appointment

Individuals who wish to become a patient of Integrative Medicine of Central New York should visit the “Patient Information” button at the top of our website and then click on "Patient Registration" in the drop-down menu. This link will take you to our patient portal where you will find the registration form, which must be completed and submitted in order to begin the process of becoming a patient. Once a patient is registered and a confirmation email has been sent to them, they can go to the same "Patient Information" button at the top of our website and click on "Patient Portal" in the drop-down menu to access the portal going forward.

Wellness Infusions for Better Health

IM of CNY is now offering wellness infusions to the general public, and you do not have to be an established patient at the practice to enjoy the benefits of these infusions!

Whether you are looking for a boost of energy, or want to build your immune system, IV (intravenous) infusions for wellness are becoming a popular means of doing just that. IV nutraceutical infusions introduce specific combinations of nutrients in highly absorbable forms directly into the bloodstream and begin working immediately. Wellness infusions can be a safe and effective way to help maximize your health or give yourself a much-needed energy boost.

If you are ready for a wellness infusion, visit the link below for more information, or call our office at 315-741-5774.

Financing Option

Apply for financial assistance regarding your medical treatments and procedures with the Advance Care card.

Why Integrative Medicine?

Most people are accustomed to a 15 minute visit with their health care practitioner. While this may be adequate time to address simple physical ailments, such visits fall short of allowing time to determine cause and management of complex or chronic health concerns and illnesses. Such visits also do not permit time and depth of discussion to address healing in the context of the whole person, and rarely allow an opportunity for patient empowerment in getting well.

At Integrative Medicine of Central New York, PC, we value each of our patients as a whole person and provide more time for the patient-provider therapeutic relationship to assess obstacles to well-being. The patient is an active participant in their healing process and each treatment plan is individualized. Recommended treatment modalities have an evidence basis and may or may not include pharmaceuticals; in integrative medicine, there is a bridging of natural and conventional modalities of care.


Heidi S. Puc MD, FACP, ABIHM, is a board-certified Hematologist and Medical Oncologist with over 20 years of experience in the private practice of adult hematology and oncology.

Jennifer Kohler is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 22 years of experience in healthcare. Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, Jennifer graduated from St. Joseph’s School of Nursing and obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Syracuse University.

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What is Neurofeedback?

Customer Testimonials


Jennifer S

Dr Puc is a wonderful doctor. I feel fortunate to have found her. She is attentive with her patients and takes her time to listen in order to come up with the best treatment plan.

This is the first time I have ever felt like my doctor knows me as a patient, rather than just rushing through the appointment and giving me a prescription. She truly gets to the root of the problem. Healing doesn’t happen overnight, but for the first time in years I am on the right track.

I have been misdiagnosed by other doctors for years, taking unnecessary medication’s, some, which were very harmful and addictive.

Her NP, Jen, is also amazing. She helped my son recover from an illness that was also misdiagnosed. After one session with Jennifer, we had answers and a solution.

The entire staff at IM of CNY is friendly and knowledgeable. My only regret is not making an appointment sooner.


Rebecca Jones

This is where the healing begins! I have been with Dr Heidi since she opened her office in August of 2018 I have already been on a regiment of supplements and herbs to fight my Lyme( which caused my 4 cancers) I did not need to change what I already had in place, she was addition to my existing medical team.

Communication is superior as there is an online portal that you can get a hold of anybody on her team. Insurance with any Lyme doctor it's not available however there's great assistance to file your own claim, with the receipt given by her office.

I highly recommend this office to start feeling better


Christina Russell

I can’t say enough about Dr. Puc and her entire team of incredible staff. It’s a warm and inviting office. The staff if so kind and go out of their way to listen and help answer questions.

The nurses are patient, even when my veins love to play hide and seek each time I come for my infusions. They are extremely thorough, and even ask about my symptoms to inform Dr. Puc of any changes or issues.

Dr.Puc is kind, very professional, listens which I think is very important, and she knows Lyme and how to treat it. She’s honest with you. She’s supportive when I have come to her with other ideas. She’s extremely efficient each appointment, and I know I am getting the best care I can get when I am there.

I also go for Reiki, and I highly recommend it. They have given me so much of my life back. Getting my life back is worth the money, and experience I get there.


Kathy Pandich

I was bitten by a tick last year and contracted both Lyme and the Powassan virus. I was so sick and believe that I would have had long-term debilitating symptoms if not for Dr. Puc.

She is a caring, incredible doctor. I feel very lucky to have found her. I highly recommend her and everyone in her practice.


Dennis McCarthy

Wow, this practice saved my life❤️ I had stage 3 head & Neck cancer that had metastasized to my lymph nodes. I was scared to death.

Dr Puc and her staff using alternative modalities have put my cancer in remission. I feel great, I would recommend her practice highly.

More and more people are switching to alternative medicine so you may a wait to get in.

Just get on her cancellation list.


Jessica Johnson Travers

The staff is very friendly, patient and accommodating. I’ve seen amazing results having gone to this office for almost 2 years.

Thank you IM of CNY ! You have helped me change my life for the very best that I can be.


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